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Turning The Page


My mouth is filled with your praise, declaring your splendor all day long.
Psalm 71:8

Some people mistakenly think   the Bible is one big book written by one person. However, the Bible is 66 books, written by more than 40 authors in three different languages, spanning over 1500 years of time. 

The Bible also consists of multiple genres of writing such as history, wisdom literature, prophecy, gospels, letters/epistles, poetry and others. 

Did you know many portions of the Old Testament are written in the form of poetry? 

When Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and the 12 minor prophets write, most of what they write as the “word of the Lord” is presented in poetry. Also, portions of the Psalms, Song of Solomon and the wisdom literature are written poetically. 

God has given the gift of poetry to help express deep truths in a beautifully visual way that potently speak directly to the reader’s heart. 

In the upcoming blogs, we will be sharing personal poetry with you, which will contain rich insight into God’s character and nature, intimacy with him, the new identity in Christ and much more. We encourage you to read each poem slowly and allow the Lord to minister to your heart with each word.