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Strengthening Foundations -
Video Course

This multiple video course will take you on a journey where you can grow deeper in your understanding on foundational topics and gain biblical insight and fresh perspectives to help you walk in victory and develop stronger foundations in your relationship with God.

Each video includes a worksheet assessment for you to reflect on and process what you're learning. This course is designed to be worked through at whatever pace is best for you. It can be completed alone, with your family, or in a small group setting.

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Facebook Live Video Course -
Growing in Christ

This multiple video course is open to new and mature believers and sheds light on how to grow deeper in personal relationship with God, and live a life empowered by the Holy Spirit to reflect the image of Christ.

Worksheets are included with each video to enhance the learning and help you reflect. There is no time limit on this course, and we encourage you to work through it as the Holy Spirit leads.

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Access Single Video Teachings & Downloadable Content

Single Video Teachings

Click below to access a library of single video teachings - everything from short insightful teaching clips to hour long sermons.

This content will inspire, strengthen, encourage and challenge you as you grow in God's grace and love.

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All Downloadable Content

Click below to access a library of free downloadable content:

  • PDF documents containing biblical teaching and practical steps to help you grow,
  • Visual charts to help you learn and study scripture
  • eBooks
  • And more...
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