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Shaped By Him

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Do not fear, only believe

Mark 5:36

As the children of God continually share fellowship and communion with him, he shapes hearts and minds to be more like his. Through walking with the Lord, our hearts have become burdened to see the gospel heal and deliver all people. We believe that Christ’s finished work is sufficient to set people free from everything - including bad habits, old attitudes, pride, gossip, doubt and bitter hearts.

We all must believe. We can never lose sight of how we are called to be believers. To believe means to depend upon and rely on. We encourage you,

1. Declare out loud that God’s grace is enough to empower transformation in every area of life where there is struggle or sin.

Example: Father God, I choose to believe that your grace is enough to transform me in any area of my life where I need to be changed so I can walk in your freedom and be more like you for your glory.

2. Joyfully confess to the Lord if you have been believing any lies that say you cannot be free.

3. Consciously depend on God to give you the power through Christ to live the life he created you to live.

Example: God I thank you that you are almighty and nothing is impossible for you. I thank you that you say, “Nothing will be impossible for one who believes.” (Matt. 17:20) Thank you for defeating sin and giving me your Holy Spirit to empower me to walk like Jesus.