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Helmet Of Salvation

the armor of god

Put on the helmet of salvation… Ephesians 6:17

The word, “salvation” that’s used in this passage means more than simply going to heaven. The fuller meaning is, healed, delivered, preserved, kept whole and made safe and  sound. 

The text is clear that we are to “put on”, which directly implies action. God has already made salvation available, but it’s your choice to daily allow God’s salvation to guard your mind. This “helmet” can protect your mind from going down the rabbit hole of lies and also can protect you from any fatal blow that the enemy tries to wage against you. 

As simple as it sounds, we believe that the way to put on the helmet of salvation is to intentionally set your mind on the salvation that God has given. 

Personally, we do this through prayer and fellowship with God and often times it will sound something like this,

Father, thank you for sending your Son to break the condemnation and give me salvation. Thank you that by Christ’s wounds, I am healed and through his finished work I’ve been delivered from the kingdom of darkness. Thank you for giving me your Spirit that preserves and keeps me whole. I know that as I walk with you I am safe and sound under the power of your mighty hand.

As you continue praying out these things from your heart, with your own wording, it will become more and more firmly established in your life. We really encourage you not just to pray this once, but make this a lifestyle.