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God Pursues Us

the heart of god

This is love indeed–we did not love God, but he loved us and sent his Son to be the sacrifice to take away our sins

1 John 4:10

Living by feelings can “feel” like a difficult road block to get over. Feelings aren’t always truth. Sometimes you might feel unloved or unlovable, but those are lies. The truth is what matters. You are perfectly loved and you were made for love.   Even in your darkest hour, God never lost sight of who he made you to be and he never stopped loving you. Through Christ you can receive his love, become love to him and others and be fully satisfied. In Christ you are reunited with the love that was lost through sin and separation. You are made whole in his sight as if you’ve never sinned. 

Scripture is clear when it says that his love is demonstrated toward you and measured by him sending his Son to remove your sin. Through Jesus you can know that you are loved by God and that your sins are removed. You will never stop being loved because God is love and he will never change.