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Foundation of Love

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This is how God's love was revealed among us: God sent His one and only Son into the world, so that we might live through Him.”

1 John 4:9

In our personal experience, we’ve seen the children of God be too often misled to measure God’s love for them based solely on their own experiences and feelings. When the foundation of any house is not laid properly, the house cannot stand. God’s love is to be a powerful, rock solid foundation on which we can safely and securely build our life.

If God’s love is based solely upon life experiences and emotional feelings, which are always shifting, that can leave one feeling like God’s love is constantly changing. Nothing can be further from the truth! God’s love for you cannot and will not ever change because God is love and his love has already been measured through Jesus leaving heaven to come to earth, taking away the sins of the world and making the way to reconcile everyone to God.

If you have ever experienced feeling like God’s love for you is in question or wavering, right now we invite you to take a moment and declare,

    1.    “I completely change my mind about how I’ve have been measuring God’s love.”

    2.    Begin to receive and meditate often each day on God’s love, specifically revealed through Jesus coming to the world to take away your sin and give you eternal life. 

Example: Father, I thank you that your love for me will never change and is perfectly expressed through you sending Jesus to forgive my sins, restore my life from the dead, and give me an eternal hope. I thank you that no matter what comes my way, I will always stand in your love, and rest confidently knowing that your love for me is certain and un-shaking.

Even now, we encourage you to…

Commit that by God’s help you will continually focus on God’s love revealed and expressed through Jesus Christ coming into the world to redeem you.

As opportunities arise to test you, stand firm against slipping back into the “old mindset” of measuring God’s love by feelings and circumstances.