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Clarity in Chaos


Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD has risen upon you. For behold, darkness shall cover the earth, and thick darkness the peoples; but the LORD will arise upon you, and his glory will be seen upon you. 
Isaiah 60:1-2

No matter how hard   the circumstances and trials of life try to shape and potter you, may you allow God to continually shape and potter you into the image of Christ, so that you can be all that he made you to be. 

May your focus be taken off of every storm and fixed on Jesus and his victory that he shares with you as you believe and cling to him. May this poem below cause truth to be stirred in you. 

At times it feels there is such a fog, even a dark thick cloud

From fears to feelings to words that’ve been said, it all seems so loud

It wants to linger and pour down dark rain

It wants me to be soaked in all its misery and pain 

It’s like an army encamped against me taking shots on every side

In unexpected moments, attacks come from far and wide 

To clam up and lock down is always tempting me

Or to turn around and yield to God, and from temptation flee

To remember I’m not a victim but have the overcoming victory

To remember I’m not a slave anymore, to be bound to this disease 

I’m a child of God who’s been redeemed, and by Jesus’ blood I am at peace 

I am set free

I am complete

I am not lacking anything

I am equipped, I am empowered to crush temptation at any hour

I burn with fire from God’s love inside,

And I destroy the works of the devil as in you I live and abide 

What joy to know I’m not in chains

What relief to know I’m not enslaved to the old way

What promise to see him look at me and say

I’ve taken off all of sins reigns

I’ve replaced your wardrobe with a garment of praise

As you wear and walk in it, an endless and living “hallelujah” you will raise.

And it will ascend to my glorious praise…

Forever and ever… for eternal days

So when darkness clouds, and sin crouches ready

I Remember who the victor is, and I stand firm and steady

Nothing can claim me or take me away, 

As I know I am his, and in him I’ll stay. 

And since I’m forever his, I’m forever free

Free to be who he made me to be

Indeed I can live and let others see

That it’s always only Christ reigning in me