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A Cry Of The Grieving


We know the world is going through trying times and many are suffering in different ways. We encourage you to direct your focus to our Savior and, “Consider him who endured such opposition from sinful men so that you will not grow weary and lose heart.” (Hebrews 12:3) 

May the poem below help you to   experience encouragement and renewed hope in the Lord no matter what you are going through. 

A Cry of the Grieving

The grief and pain that entangles me deep within.

The thoughts and tears are mingled in.

The breaking and aching that’s become so familiar.

I take a deep breath and breathe in my Savior.

I cry and cry and cry only to look in Your eyes and see your tears holding mine.

Taking away every fear. You looked at me.

You saw me in between and even before the beginning.

You endured such pain for the joy that was set before you.

You received the scorning knowing your purpose would be fulfilled.

You were steadfast knowing what you would accomplish.

Your relentless pursuit for your children.

Your love so much stronger.

Your love pouring out to show your love is longer.

Patiently enduring…

You were pierced with anguish and pain.

The deepest kind, I can’t believe you remained.

Hanging there with your arms wide open,

always pouring out your love,

even in the unspoken.

Weeping, bleeding, sweating.

Excruciating pain.

Hanging on a tree, humiliated and rejected for all to see.

Your body was broken and you gave up your life.

You paid such a price for me to have mine.

As I lay here weak and weary and exhausted from tears.

I find hope in your resurrection power.

Your love pursues me.

Your plans and your purposes are grand.

Your hope is everlasting and your love is unfailing.

Your joy is ever sustaining and strengthening.

Your arms wrapped around me brings me peace.

Even in this time of not understanding and feeling so stuck I can’t breathe.

Even when it all looks saddening.

I will put my trust in you and receive your love and truth,

knowing you are my everything and you are powerful and almighty.

You are holy and the creator of all things.

You care about my little life and you give me a yoke

that is easy and a burden that is light.

I will call upon the name of the Lord and trust in your healing.

Ultimately knowing your all satisfying love

will sustain me and get me through anything.

I will rejoice in you and all you’ve given me.

Your love is stronger and will get me through.

Endurance and steadfastness because I have You.

It’s all about you.

Help me take my eyes off of these shattering cries

and give me a breakthrough and peace inside.

True love and abundant life is the greatest gift I could ever receive.

Your joy is my strength and because its Christ I gain.

You are worthy of all the pain.

The more I look into the eyes of our Suffering Savior.

The more I realize there is beauty even in the darkest nights.

Because it’s the light of Christ that sustains my life.

My very oxygen that gives me breath even under the seas of distress.

His life and purpose and fellowship is more than I could ever imagine.

So I will stay in His presence where there is the fullness of joy

and He will surround me, embracing me and keeping me

and shining through the cracks of this jagged jar that He is molding.

In the brokenness He completes and fulfills me.

Because when I am weak, He is strong.

So even in the midst of everything I see there is beauty in the suffering.